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GT – Matrella Turf

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GT Matrella Turf – A Hardy All Rounder Turf

GT – Matrella Turf is a stunning fine leafed premium turf with a dark green colour. This is a lawn that stands out from the crowd. Suited to full sun, however, can also survive in high shade areas only requiring 2-3 hours of sun per day. GT – Matrella Turf is low allergenic, hardy and tough and has a high tolerance for wear with children and pets. Once established GT – Matrella can withstand long periods of drought without dying and requires less fertiliser than all other turf varieties.


GT – Matrella Turf

Supply Only$17.90 per m2 (inc GST)
Supply & Install$19.65 per m2 (inc GST)


25m2 – 50m2$119 delivery (inc GST)
51m2 – 100m2$99 delivery (inc GST)
101m2 – 150m2$88 delivery (inc GST)
151m2 – 350m2$66 delivery (inc GST)

As our turf is cut and packed fresh from the farm, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for orders to be delivered.
* A minimum lay fee of $295 (inc GST) will apply for orders 25m2 – 167m2
* Prices are subject to change as required at Sunshine Turf’s discretion without notice

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GT – Matrella Turf FAQ’s

Is This Turf Good For Commercial Projects?

GT Matrella was originally designed for the golf course, it has a superior drought tolerance a high shade tolerance is heat and salt tolerant and boasts a beautiful appearance. Considered a high end lawn it would be used in commercial applications where nothing but the best will do.

Should I Use Topsoil Or Underturf When Laying This Turf?

You should always use 50mm-100mm of a good quality underturf in preparation before laying.

Is This Turf Kid And Pet Friendly?

GT Matrella is a slow grower and requires minimal maintenance, it recovers well from wear so will do fine with pets and kids however in high wear areas with repetitive use it may not respond as quickly as its zoysia cousins.

Turf Species

Leaf Shape


Resistance To Pests

GT – Matrella Turf Info

Below is the water, sunlight and other tolerances for this variety of turf. Use the below chart to work out if this is the right variety to suit your application.

Wear Tolerance
Resistance To Weeds
Drought Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Minimum 3 Hours Sun
Mow Every 20 Days
Water Every 10 Days

Don’t Get Caught Out!
Order Underturf With Your New Turf Today!

Ensuring that your new turf survives and stays healthy is very important when establishing a new lawn. Our organic underturf is the perfect lawn starter as it is packed with nutrients from composted vegetation, manure and a nutritiously screened blend of topsoil which is processed over a 16 week cycle into the optimum food for your lawn. Our underturf meets Australian landscape and gardening standards while also reducing the need for added fertilisers and growth treatments.

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