Tropica Blue Couch

Tropica Blue Couch    

Tropica Blue Couch is a great turf with a blue/green colour similar to Aussie and QLD Blue Couches. Unlike QLD Blue Couch though, Tropica Blue Couch has a broader leaf and is more resistant to fungus, pests and diseases. Tropica Blue Couch is a low maintenance turf that thrives in full sun while having excellent drought and salt tolerance.

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Tropica Blue Couch Supply

Supplied $7.70 per m2 (inc GST)
Supply & Lay $9.35 per m2 (inc GST)

Tropica Blue Couch Delivery

Under 25m2 - 100m2 $99 delivery (inc GST)
101m2 - 150m2 $88 delivery (inc GST)
151m2 - 200m2 $66 delivery (inc GST)

As our turf is cut and packed fresh from the farm, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for orders to be delivered.

* A minimum lay fee of $275 (inc GST) will apply for orders 25m2 – 167m2
* Prices are subject to change as required at Brisbane Turf’s discretion without notice